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The revolutionary solution for expense management with artificial intelligence

Abacus Expense Management is for companies that seek an innovative and proven software solution. With the help of artificial intelligence, expense tracking has become a simple matter. The seamless integration means that the data is already visible in the financial accounting system before it is released.


Hold your camera over the document – done.


All data is recognised and structured thanks to the latest technologies.


Seamless integration into accounting saves time and costs.

Familie Wiesner Gastronomie AG

"With Abacus and AbaClik we have found the right solution for our expense management."

Abacus Expense Management in action

Many customers have already successfully implemented Abacus Expense Management system in their companies.

The expense management of the future

Our solution covers the needs of companies of all sizes - from the single module to the integrated complete solution.

Smartphone App

Hold your camera over the document - finished!  AbaClik uses neural networks to automatically extract and process relevant information from documents.

Employee portal

Entry and approval of expenses and their evaluations in real time available in the Cockpit, accessible from any location.


Thanks to modern APIs, all financial systems can be connected. Integrated with the Abacus Business Software without interfaces.

Credit cards

Transactions from various debit/credit cards are automatically reconciled. Connection to FinTech systems such as YAPEAL, Revolut, etc.  


Employees are reimbursed the amount actually paid, even in foreign currencies, within a very short time.


Modern expense management includes invoices, that are automatically processed in the Accounts Payable.


Privately paid expenses

Expenses paid with private means of payment can be processed via the Payroll or Accounts Payable.


Employees who have a free YAPEAL account are reimbursed their expenses within a very short time and thus never have to wait weeks or even months for their money.

Company credit cards by Cornèrcard

Cornèrcard corporate credit card transactions appear online and in real time on the smartphone or employee portal and are automatically assigned to the correct document. Do you use corporate credit cards from other providers? We have a solution for that too.



Scan the document and you're all set. AbaClik is the smartphone app for recording expenses. It uses neural networks to automatically extract and structure relevant information from documents.

MyAbacus employee portal

Enter expenses in no time at all with the MyAbacus employee portal. Customisable dashboards provide you with a structured overview: Key figures and reports - with the MyAbacus employee portal you can access your personal expense cockpit in real time.


Whether in the smartphone app AbaClik or on the employee portal MyAbacus, one click is all it takes to approve your employees' expenses.

Automatic booking

The seamless integration with your financial system means that the data is already visible in the accounting system even before it is approved. Now you no longer have to worry about booking expenses. The VAT rates are recognized, and amounts are correctly split.


Expense Management adapts to your needs and can be configured accordingly. Reimburse your employees in real-time directly to their YAPEAL account, at the end of the month via their monthly salary payment or directly via Accounts Payable.


Abacus Expense Management
guarantees integration

Credit card transactions can be reconciled in the system, or the amount can be reimbursed in real time, whether YAPEAL, Cornèrcard, UBS, Swisscard or other providers are used. Abacus Expense Management is seamlessly integrated into the Abacus Business Software or Swiss21.org . Thanks to the Abacus Report and Interface Engine, expenses can be exported to all common ERP systems, such as SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, etc.

What's next

We are constantly working to improve and optimise the expense management.

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